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Accents are beautiful. They tell a story of who we are, where we come from, and our experiences along the way. But you may have worked hard to learn a language, only to find you are still not fully understood. 
This is where I come in.

I am a certified speech-language pathologist with a specialization in accent training. English is my native language but I am also conversationally fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. I understand the frustration that comes with struggling to pronounce a word, blending in with native speakers, or understanding foreign slang. I also understand the joy that comes from

speaking a foreign language and being understood! 

Let me help you speak with confidence!

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Who I Serve

  • Professionals with high levels of English proficiency who are tired of hearing "I don't understand" or being asked to repeat themselves.

  • Students wishing to attend a university that requires an English proficiency exam and need assistance passing the speaking portion of their assessments (e.g., TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS).

  • Employees of American companies who want to feel confident presenting their ideas.

  • Multilingual speakers who are part of the international community and want to communicate with their colleagues and friends in the most effective manner possible.

  • Teachers, business people, customer service agents, flight attendants, tech professionals, journalists, politicians, doctors, pharmacists, students, engineers, travelers, etc.


From a Certified Speech Nerd

Speech Sounds

Learn to use the vowels and consonants from General American English.


Vocabulary & Slang

Every language has musicality. Learn to produce General American English using its particular "music".

Learn how to use common American English slang, expressions, vocabulary, and curse words.

Group Portrait of Friends

Are you ready?


April - USA/Vietnam, Pharmacist

"Caitlin was a great teacher, she took her time to record each sounding word in the correct way for me or sent Google docs with what I need to get done to succeed. She made sure I practiced it as much as I could. She didn't have to, but she stayed up late with me just to listen to my presentation for my seminar, she made sure it sounded correct before I presented to my professors - I passed with her help. I'm confident when speaking now. I'm grateful to get to know her. I thought of her as my mentor and a friend... Caitlin is a very professional teacher and very patient, she will go the mileage and do whatever it takes to help a student to success. If I would recommend an accent reduction teacher, it will definitely be her. You won't regret it. I promise!!"

Mother and Daughter by the Lake
Venice Trip

Let's Chat

Email:  /  Tel or Whatsapp: 01-208-571-0108   

Thanks for reaching out!

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